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University of Siegen, Information Systems and New Media

Information and communications technology (ICT) pervades most aspects of our lives and changes everyday practices at work, at home and in our leisure time. The chair of Information Systems and New Media at the University of Siegen performs research into innovative ICT-applications, especially in the practice fields of cooperative work, community support, entertainment, consumer electronics, ageing societies, and sustainability. In doing so, we are contributing to the research fields of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Ubiquitous Computing. Further aspects are methods of participatory design and co-creation processes for concept and product design in Living Lab infrastructures.


volker_wulfProf. Dr. Volker Wulf
Kohlbettstr. 15
57068 Siegen, Germany

Phone: +49 271 740-2910

corinna_ogonowskiCorinna Ogonowski (project coordinator)
Kohlbettstr. 15
57068 Siegen, Germany

Phone: +49 271 740-5166


timo_jakobiTimo Jakobi
Kohlbettstr. 15
57068 Siegen, Germany

Phone: +49 271 740-2297

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Business Administration, esp. Information Systems

The chair of Business Administration, esp. Information Systems at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences investigates the development, introduction and appropriation processes of cooperation and media systems. This class of applications supports the interaction among human actors with IT systems. In the field of Sustainable Interaction Design (SID), the research group of Prof. Stevens is working together with severals research and industrial partners.

In the course of SID-research, various design as well as empirical studies focusing on energy consumption in private households and businesses have already been conducted. Energy-management systems for private and business contexts were derived based on visualization concepts which arose from these studies.


gunnar_stevensProf. Dr. Gunnar Stevens
Grantham-Allee 20
53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany

Phone: +49 2241 865-109


Nico CastelliNico Castelli
Grantham-Allee 20
53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany

Phone: +49 271 740-3224


devolo AG

Since 2002, devolo AG has been developing innovative Powerline and data communications products for private customers and professional users. We use it to connect not only the networked world at home, in businesses and in the smart grid, but above all people. Our goal is to make the complex world of data communication more simple. With this claim, we are developing future-oriented products and solutions together.

devolo is like no other manufacturer when it comes to easy home networking. Computers, mobile devices, consumer electronics and Smart Home technologies are growing together into a strong network. devolo Home Control expands on the idea of the easy way to connect and is emerging as a new product world for the Smart Home that simply enables greater comfort and convenience, security and energy savings.

devolo has been the world market leader in the Powerline segment since 2009 and stands for innovative premium network products. Numerous top-product test reviews and awards in the trade press, not to mention over 25 million sold dLAN® adapters, demonstrate our success. Despite our success and the complex challenges in a dynamic market environment, devolo is and remains an owner-operated company.


anil_mengiDr.-Ing. Anil Mengi (technical project management)
Director Strategic Positioning

Charlottenburger Allee 60
52068 Aachen; Germany

Phone: +49 241 182 79-162
Mobile: +49 151 46751336
markus_waechterDr.-Ing. Markus Wächter (Betriebswirtschaftliche Projekt-Verantwortung)
Director Research Projects

Charlottenburger Allee 60
52068 Aachen; Germany

Phone: +49 241 18279-161
Mobil: +49 170 8515043
dirk foermerDirk Förmer (Technische Projekt-Betreuung)
Product Compliance Manager

Charlottenburger Allee 60
52068 Aachen; Germany

Phone: +49 241 18279-411


Bosch Software Innovations

Bosch Software Innovations, the Bosch Group’s software and systems house, designs, develops, and operates innovative software and system solutions that help our customers around the world both in the Internet of Things (IoT) and in the traditional enterprise environment. We place particular focus on the topics of mobility, energy, manufacturing, and building.

The Bosch IoT Suite is Bosch Software Innovations’ comprehensive toolbox in the Cloud. The software package, which is provided as Platform as a Service (PaaS), allows the interaction of devices, users, companies and partners on a centralized platform. This enables the development of innovative and future-oriented solutions for new business models. Our ProSyst OSGi technology, a middleware for the Internet of Things, complements the product portfolio.

In SmartLive we undertake the connection of smart home components based on our ProSyst mBS Smart Home and the Device Abstraction Layer that is standardized by the OSGi Alliance. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing reusable user interface templates, based on usability guidelines.


Kai HackbarthKai Hackbarth
Aachener Str. 222
50931 Cologne; Germany

Phone: +49 221 6604-410
Konstantin KerstenKonstantin Kersten
Aachener Str. 222
50931 Cologne; Germany

Phone: 0221 6604-504
Fabian PurscheFabian Pursche
Aachener Str. 222
50931 Cologne; Germany

Phone: 0221 6604-406

the peak lab. GmbH & Co. KG

the peak lab. is a design-driven software company for digital, technological and visionary people, comprised of computer specialists, software architects, designers and young “digital natives”. As a team we consult individually, plan efficiently, design creatively and develop digitally. Our aim is to give our customers an outlook on the digital world, in order to reliably implement demanding web and software projects together. Our work is shaped by high demands on design, aesthetics and function with regard to our user interfaces for web and software products.

The main business areas of peak lab are in the development and design of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets (iOS & Android), of front and back end applications. We perform digital and technological consulting services above all with regard to the domains of energy, Smart Home and AAL, renewable energies, electro mobility, the internet of things, customer and user incentives, as well as in the area of alternative UI interaction.

We work according to the principles of the user-centered design approach and actively integrate customers in the design and development in the sense of agile software development from the start of the project, to the development process, all the way to the final product, in order to create the best possible solutions.

What motivations and needs the user will have in the context of SmartLive is a central challenge for us. The solutions and knowledge developed as a result of this for us means a strategic advantage and for our customers means a greater understanding of their future products.


Jens_LaekampJens Läkamp
CEO & Creative Director

Stau 54
26122 Oldenburg; Germany

Phone: +49 441 998726-11


Philippe HennesPhilippe Hennes
Sr. Productowner, Innovation

Stau 54
26122 Oldenburg; Germany

Phone: +49 441 998726-21


Maximilian SeiffertMaximilian Seiffert
Art Director UI / UX

Stau 54
26122 Oldenburg; Germany

Phone: +49 441 998726-19



The German Association of Municipal Utilities Supporting Sustainable Resource Management (ASEW) is a working group within the German Association of Local Utilities (VKU) that has been supporting municipal utilities in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energies since 1989. With a wide range of products and services, the ASEW offers to its more than 270 members the opportunity to position themselves in the growing markets for energy efficiency and renewable energies. Furthermore, the ASEW helps municipal utilities to gain a significant advantage by increasing staff know-how through consulting, training and further education. Numerous events and working group meetings per year provide, in addition, a steady know-how transfer. Therefor the ASEW analyses political regulations and frameworks and lobbies previously in the interest of its members.



Stefan Schulze-Sturm
Avenue des Nerviens 9-31
1040 Brussels; Belgium

Phone: +32 2740-1658
Mobile: +32 496229257


KreuschMichael Kreusch
Eupener Straße 74
50933 Cologne; Germany

Phone: +49 221 931819-20

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