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A virtual showroom is tackling all your questions about the smart home!

Our everyday life is more and more influenced by technology – smart home technology is the next step for everyone and everywhere! However, many concerns and a remarkable reservation dominates among customers and consumers. Prior to the decision making your home smart, knowing what this so called smartness actually means, is crucial.

What is a so called smart home?
How does it work?
And most important: What can it do for me?

In cooperation with users, participating in our Living Lab in Siegen, we investigated how to design the topic “smart home for end users” in a more comprehensive way and evaluated the best balance of requirements and content. Participants were asked to evaluate the most suitable way to communicate the topic smart home – for this, they read information, clicked through an interactive showroom and watched a movie. Furthermore we developed interesting and useful examples how to apply smart home products. The result is a virtual showroom with an interplay of movie, interaction and information especially for smart home greenhorns and interested parties.


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