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We grab the probably last warm summer’s eve and met our Living Lab households from Siegen. At that, use cases, scenarios, technical problems and alternative Z-wave components were discussed from different sights. We really appreciate the exchange between participants and their willingness to help each other. With such motivated test users collaboration is a joy!

Living Lab Stammtisch
Photo (Uni Siegen): Living Lab regulars’ table at open-air pub.

A workshop held on June 30th provided the Living Lab test households in Siegen with the opportunity to compare notes and demonstrate their experiences so far with their Smart Home systems. The aim was to gain a better understanding of how such technology finds its way into daily routines, and which individual applications are already controlled by Smart Home technology. Results have shown that at the moment, demands of comfort enhancement, energy saving and security are important to users. However, users find a prioritization of these use cases virtually impossible.

In addition, the workshop was used to discuss which aspects work well and which need further improvement. The meeting was accompanied by our project partners devolo AG, the peak lab. and ASEW who discussed with users on an equal footing.

Workshop „Von Nutzern für Nutzer“
Photo (University Siegen): Living Lab Households and project partners from the worlds of industry and business talking about the integration of Smart Home in everyday life.

The “Tangible Smart Home”-workshop was held on May 27th at the University of Siegen. Together with participants from the Living Lab, we analyzed and discussed the Smart Home solutions which are currently available. The workshop concluded with a presentation of everyone’s use cases.

The aim was to develop new ideas for a virtual Smart Home showroom that is easy to access and provides a good overview especially for newcomers to Smart Home.





The annual trade fair mobikon took place this year in Frankfurt on May 11th and 12th. SmartLive had their own fair stand in the mittelstand digital area, where other projects funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy were also represented. The University of Siegen’s Corinna Ogonowski gave a talk on the status and prospects of sustainable and innovative Smart Home/Smart Energy Solutions in Living Labs at the “Internet of Things & Industry 4.0”-session. The initial results from the current business practices and challenges to SME on the Smart Home/Smart Energy market as well as the concept of the Living Lab as a service were also presented.

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mobikon 2015_Talk IoT

Photos (Mittelstand-Digital/Müller-Sieslak): Representatives of the BMWi and DLR at the Smart Live fair stand (left). Talk held by the University of Siegen’s Corinna Ogonowski on the stage of “mittelstand digital” (right).

Smart SME-solutions for daily life

In their latest issue, the “Communal Economy Newspaper” (“Zeitung für kommunale Wirtshaft”, ZfK) reported on the SmartLive project. Our partner ASEW describes the current challenges of the Smart Home market as well as the potentials for public utility companies, which our project will hopefully strengthen.

(Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft, VKU Verlag GmbH München/Berlin)

See Press for further reports.

ZfK_Labor fürs Smart Home

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