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World Usability Day Siegen

This year’s World Usability Day (WUD) takes places on November 12th. All around the world experts will discuss issues on usability and user experience on software, websites, hardware, smartphones and other technical devices. As known from recent years, the University of Siegen also host one of these events. This year, doors will open at 5 pm at the campus “Unteres Schloss”.

2015 is the ten year anniversary for World Usability Day and this year’s topic is innovation. For several people innovation can be something different, but most of us agree that it can be described as inventions of or changes in products and services which improve situations or solve problems. Innovations in context of user experiences describe the improvement of positive emotional experiences and individual needs when using products, systems or services.

The SmartLive project also deals with new concepts improving user experiences in context of smart home research. At Siegen’s WUD we will give a talk about our current research and provide a hands-on demo. The title of the talk is “Why is our home still not smart?”.

The full program and more information of the Siegen WUD is available on the website. Interested people are invited to visit our event. Attendance is free, but registration is requested.

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